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Deploy blockchain

This section has all the resources for you to get up to speed with IPDB in no time.
“IPDB foundation invites researchers, developers and enterprises to deploy blockchain proofs-of-concept, platforms and applications with a blockchain database on the IPDB network. IPDB supports a wide range of industries and use cases from identity and intellectual property to supply chains, energy, mobility, IoT, and financial ecosystems. With high throughput, low latency, powerful query functionality, decentralised control and governance, immutable data storage and built-in asset support, IPDB acts as a blockchain database,”
- anonymous quote from the IPDB Github

Send your first transaction

Your message will be wrapped in an asset and sent with the transaction.

                    Beep, boop, waiting for your input...
                            from bigchaindb_driver import BigchainDB
from bigchaindb_driver.crypto import generate_keypair

bdb = BigchainDB('https://test.ipdb.io')
alice = generate_keypair()
tx = bdb.transactions.prepare(
    asset={'data': {'message': 'Blockchain all the things!'}})
signed_tx = bdb.transactions.fulfill(
                            const driver = require('bigchaindb-driver')

const alice = new driver.Ed25519Keypair()
const conn = new driver.Connection('https://test.ipdb.io/api/v1/')
const tx = driver.Transaction.makeCreateTransaction(
    { message: 'Blockchain all the things!' },
    [ driver.Transaction.makeOutput(
const txSigned = driver.Transaction.signTransaction(tx, alice.privateKey)


You can roll out your own BigchainDB network, or use our IPDB test network.

IPDB Test Network

BigchainDB Server

No installation is needed. You can use our node to test your apps on the BigchainDB network. Note that nodes are wiped regularly.
To deploy and run your own BigchainDB node or network, simply download the tools from here.

BigchainDB Server

To deploy and run your own BigchainDB node or network, simply download the tools from here.


Download one of the existing drivers below to connect to BigchainDB, or build your own (and share back).
Dive into our documentation with guides, examples, terminology, references and more.