Last updated: 2018/05/19

This notice falls under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Who we are

Interplanetary Database Foundation e.V.

Amtsgericht: VR 36146 B

Represented by

President: Joachim Lohkamp
General Secretary: Thomas Fürstner
Treasurer: Elfriede Sixt

[email protected]

Köpenicker Strasse 154
10997 Berlin

How to contact us

We can be reached via the contact information on our website.

Personal data we collect

We store data from users that have submitted information via our contact form. After a user submits a request to receive updates, we ask for additional consent from the user via email, i.e. we ask the user to confirm the request to receive updates.

Your data, your rights

Services and third parties where IPDB stores data

IPDB relies on a limited number of third-party services to maintain its own services. IPDB never shares or resell any of its data. We store your email address and name on the following third-party services (which offer secure, privacy-focused storage solutions):

Newsletter & account statistics and reporting

IPDB records behavioural data, such as opens and clicks, for emails we distribute to our subscribers via Sender.

Length of data collection

IPDB will keep identifiable data for an undetermined amount of time or until the user asks us to anonymize and / or delete his data.

Who has access to our data?

Data at IPDB is not shared with or sold to any third party. IPDB staff and contractors retain access to users’ data for the exclusive purpose of electronic communications.

No personal identifiable data is stored on staff or contractor computers on a permanent basis. Contractors are requested to delete this data at the end of their work agreement.