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The decentralised web needed a new database.

IPDB offers a solution.

The IPDB foundation fosters research into transparent governance and blockchain technology using the IPDB network.
IPDB is a ready-to-use public network, powered by BigchainDB, with a focus on transparent and robust governance.

Multiple sovereign Networks

Customisable independent public or private IPDB networks can be set up for multiple parties to run apps on, or even for a single entity to run their apps. Key features include flexible permissioning, low latency, Byzantine fault-tolerance, rich query features with MongoDB.

A trust anchor

A self-sovereign network needs authorities, such as governments to issue credentials. Once trusted issuing authorities are set up within BigchainDB, the protocol ...

Transparent governance

The IPDB foundation is governed by its general assembly and its elected board. Members that run the nodes govern the IPDB network. The protocol’s consensus mechanisms provide on-chain governance, and the Foundation’s policies define off-chain governance.

IPDB Foundation

IPBD rewards experimentation and research like no other distributed ledger. It is both an ideal testbed and operational environment serving DLT applications that go beyond mere token transaction and storage systems. The IPDB network is designed to extend any other blockchain with the capability to store metadata. The network's modularity supports interchangeable consensus models, signature and smart contract schemes. The IPDB network scales well, supports high data throughput, short validation times and is programmable in any computer language that supports JSON serialization. It is one of the most versatile ledgers out there!”
Tom Fuerstner,
IPDB Foundation board member and CTO and Founder of RIDDLE&CODE



Too many decentralised projects currently store their data on a "filesystem" designed initially as an address and transport layer, which so happens to allow for file storage.
Joachim Lohkamp,
President of IPDB Foundation, CEO and Founder of JOLOCOM